Streaming geotagged Twitter tweets by GPS (iOS/iPhone/iPad)

Streaming geotagged Twitter tweets by GPS/Location information realtime .


Privacy Policy

1. Nomination or name of application provider etc. to collect information

-Kansyscom, Inc.

2. Item of acquired information User information acquired


3. Acquisition method

- N/A

4. Specification of purpose of use

- N/A

5. Method of notification, publication or "acquisition of consent", method of user involvement

-This privacy policy will be published on this application function linkage display site. When the user installs this application, it is assumed that he / she agrees to this privacy policy. If the user wishes to withdraw the consent to this privacy policy, the user needs to delete this application.

6.External transmission, third party provision, presence of information collection module

-We do not offer third parties. This application uses the information collection module provided by the operator Please confirm the information obtained by the business, purpose of use, provision to third parties, etc. by the link of the privacy policy of the business described below.

7. Inquiry window

-Google Play Contact
-Twitter @kssfilo

8. Procedure for changing privacy policy

-Notification on this site

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